For the Love of Vehicles – A Woman’s Rise to Ownership

Ingrid Sapene, owner of Dewayne’s Automotive, grew up helping her father at the family’s automobile shops. Her involvement at the shops grew into her current interest in mechanical things, especially vehicles. She not only loved working with her father, but loved being around vehicles, working on them, and interacting with their numerous customers. Ingrid ran her Dad’s auto shops for a few years. Running the business in the beginning was very difficult for Ingrid, especially as a young woman. Through it all, she had to be tough and persevere. Eventually, she came to be respected and very successful within her new role.

She has also worked for Ford, Chrysler and GM. At this point, her entire family is in the automotive business. So as you can see, Ingrid grew up with this business. Ingrid brings a wealth of experience, including her successful career in the auto business, to Dewayne’s Automotive.


A Proud, Woman Owner

Today, Ingrid loves the business; being around vehicles and interacting with the customers to treat them right. She says, “It’s necessary to restore a person’s vehicle to good working order, but that’s not enough. We want to help our customers enjoy their driving experience; to have a different type of experience at Dewayne’s.” This is exactly how the business continues to run and succeed on a daily basis. Her challenges are what built her into the strong woman she is now. She loves this country as a U.S. citizen. She is a local homeowner in Mooresville, in addition to being a local business owner. She couldn’t be more proud of her citizenship and her ownership of Dewayne’s Automotive.

How We Benefit You

As Dewayne says, “Ingrid has brought not just her great experience, but also her passion for quality, customer service, and integrity to this business. She has already made some good improvements, such as the new phone system to improve service, and the new alignment machine. I am very proud of the job she’s doing, and very happy to have this business in her hands.” When you bring your vehicle to Dewayne’s Automotive, you’ll work with trusted and skilled mechanics who are local to Mooresville and have been with Dewayne’s for years. We won’t pressure you or upsell you on unnecessary services. Rather, we’ll offer our expert suggestions and recommendations only for what your vehicle truly needs. Our services are guaranteed as we put a high priority on quality labor, timeliness, and efficiency. If we make any mistakes, we’ll take the time to make it right no matter what.

Our shop is a place where women can feel welcomed, well-taken care of and trust the mechanic working on their vehicle as well as the services being performed on it. We tell everyone honest and straightforward answers, with pictures if needed, to save time and money while making your visit less stressful and hassle-free.

We strive to be your main mechanics when it comes to the overall well-being of your vehicle. If your vehicle is in need of a check-up, any vehicle services, or for more information regarding our business, please give us a call at (704) 663-3544 for a free estimate today!
Thank you for taking the time to read about our business.

Best Regards,

Ingrid Sapene

and the team at Dewayne’s Automotive