Quality, Value-Added Services You can Trust

Dewayne’s has become very well-known throughout the Mooresville community and surrounding areas, offering quality vehicle services you can trust. We also strive to add value. If your vehicle needs an oil change, we’ll also check the air filter, wipers, air for tires. We check and refill all fluids. Check all lights. If you are part of our fleet services, we do even more. All for the cost of an oil change.

If other work is needed, we’ll discuss with you. However, we will never upsell you. Our mechanics have many years of vehicle experience under their belts to give you the best service money can buy, guaranteed.

We’re your one-stop-vehicle-repair-shop, offering the best services with the most reasonable labor rates around.

With services like ours, you will always be happy to come back to us!!

Our Services Include

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Engine & Transmission

Our goal is to keep your engine and transmission in good working order; after all, they are the heart of your car. An engine tune-up, covering many maintenance items, can be done based on your vehicle’s mileage, or when you feel it is appropriate. We can help you with that decision. The same goes for your transmission – we can do transmission service such as flush and fluid replacement, based on your vehicle’s guidelines or at your request. If your vehicle’s engine or transmission is malfunctioning, we diagnose the situation. If the engine or transmission needs replacement, we can do that for you.


Check Engine Light Services

There are two possible outcomes if the “Check Engine” light on your vehicle appears: if it remains lit, then a small issue needs to be fixed, like tightening the gas cap to something more involved such as catalytic converter repair. If it is blinking, then something is seriously wrong that needs IMMEDIATE attention. The car should either be stopped and towed, or driven to a nearby repair shop.

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Drive Trains & Suspensions

These two parts work in tandem for a smooth, efficient driving experience. If the drive train is not working properly, then the suspension is not effectively relaying power in order to run your vehicle’s wheels. There could be a problem with the drive train and/or suspension if you get excess vibration or noise when you drive, if you are having excess tire wear, or if your ride is not comfortable. We can evaluate this for you and recommend what needs to be done to correct it.


Fuel Systems

If you are experiencing low mileage or poor engine performance, it’s possibly a fuel system problem. We can consult with you and check everything associated with your vehicle’s fuel system, including: fuel tank, pump, filter, computers, fuel line, sensors and injectors or carburetors. We clean the parts as necessary, and will replace all but only those things that need to be replaced.


Oil Changes & Leak Repair

Clean oil and a fresh air filter will keep your engine clean and lubricated, thereby keeping it running smoothly for a longer engine life. Depending on your vehicle’s mileage, we check the oil and change it if needed. Some of the reasons to repair leaks include: a degraded engine gasket, hole in the oil pan, worn out oil filter, missing or broken filler cap, or the valve gasket has a poor connection. For every oil change, or for an oil leak, all of these are checked and repaired only as necessary prior to returning your vehicle to you.



Alignment problems may be indicated by your vehicle ‘pulling’ to the left or right, a crooked or vibrating steering wheel, or by excess or uneven tire wear. The alignment affects how the tires make contact to the road for a smooth driving experience. We recommend checking the alignment every 6,000 miles. We can check the alignment at your request and correct as necessary.



We strive to check tire pressure, tread wear and any tire edge damage as part of any service. We can take corrective action if needed for alignment or other actions. We can give you input on the condition of your tires, including tread. If needed, we can help you make a decision about type and brand of tires to buy, and replace your tires from a variety of quality tire manufacturers.


A/C & Heat Repair

If you have a heating or A/C issue, please bring your vehicle to us. We can quickly find and solve any issue with your compressor, high pressure line, condensers, actuators or special gases that are essential to proper functioning of your heat and A/C systems.

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NC State Inspections

We follow the North Carolina regulations to perform the inspection with a qualified and licensed technician. If anything is not working, we can take care of it for you, ensuring that you pass a legitimate inspection and that you’re driving safely.

Other Services



We check your brakes at every oil change or inspection. Also, if you have problems with brake noise or simply a lack of adequate braking, we can diagnose the issue and make needed repairs to ensure you’re driving safety.

front end repair

Front End Repair

The front end of your vehicle includes the ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arms, idler arms, center links, control arms, sway bars and links of your vehicle. We may detect problems as part of an alignment or can evaluate and repair at your request.



There are a number of indications that you may need a tune-up. These include: warning lights, poor fuel mileage, hard starts, rough gear shifting, vibration, loss of power or acceleration or stalling at intersections. A tune-up is also periodic preventative maintenance including cleaning or replacing spark plugs, wires and other ignition parts like coils, distributor cap and rotor. We recommend this be done on a schedule recommended by the vehicle company, or if the vehicle is not running well. We can help you evaluate that correct timing for a tune-up. This will achieve better performance and longevity of your vehicle.


Power Steering

We check the power steering fluid to ensure it is full when we do an oil change. A common issue is a power steering fluid leak. You may see a leak where you have parked, you may hear noise under the hood when turning, or you may begin to experience difficulty with your steering. If you experience any of these problems, bring your car in for service right away to avoid further steering problems.


Cooling Systems

The cooling system removes the excess heat generated by your engine. If it doesn’t function properly, your engine is subject to overheating or worse. The cooling system should be checked yearly. We service the cooling system with a conditioner which will clean out the system. We refill the system with anti-freeze and a cooling system sealer when recommended by the technician. The final step is to purge air pockets from the system, ensuring efficient timing of the cooling fans.


Fleet Services

We provide a complete, value-added suite of services for your vehicle fleet. We track your service schedule with you to help ensure your vehicles are serviced on a good maintenance schedule. We strictly follow your insurance company’s service requirements so that you are compliant with your policy. For each service appointment, our services consist of checking your vehicle literally bumper to bumper for smooth, secure and safe driving.

We Are Here To Help

If your vehicle is experiencing issues, is in need of a check-up, or for more information regarding any of our services, please give us a call at (704) 663-3544 for a free estimate today! Let us be your forever mechanics to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for many years to come.